Monday, 30 January 2012

Abnormally Strange Fate

     It's that time in the morning where it isn't as dark at night but but the sun hasn't started to rise. A little grey kitten danced in the fresh snow enjoying watching as his foot prints chase him around. No matter no matter how far or fast he ran, the prints would keep up.
Smoke began to spill out of the tops of houses signaling the start of a new day. Pots and pans rattled in the warm and cozy kitchens. The smell of rashers and eggs poured out onto the the streets and right to where Alex was standing.
      He stood there with a smile on his face and a somewhat blank stare. He wore nothing, but a scarf and an overcoat.
      The sun was rising and children flooded the streets on their way to school however Alex didn't move. In fact he stood there most of the day.
      Mothers and fathers left for work and then returned for lunch anticipating their children's arrival.
      Little Joey ran up the steps two by two. Before he went through the light colored he called out "Hi Alex." then dashed inside the small house. However Alex didn't answer. He just stood there smiling like he had a secret. When Joey came back outside the sun was high in the sky and there were sounds of melted snow dripping everywhere. Joey jumped down the stairs. He stopped and looked at Alex, giving him a funny look. The boy walked up to the other and placed a hand on his own head. He stretched his hand out, but it hovered a few inches over Alex's head.
      Joey silently walked back to school with a grave expression on his face knowing the fate that was to befall Alex.
           The End

Friday, 16 December 2011

Abnormally Strange Gifts

The wind blew gently stirring the hot summer air. Luna took a step forward grasping Haru's pale hands in her own tan ones. She didn't dare look into his eyes in fear of drowning in the metallic pools framed by his black and white hair. "Haru, I have something I wanted to ask you." She said nervously, and deep blush dancing on her cheeks and tip of her nose. Then she made her first mistake. She looked up and their eyes met. She stared into the warm gray optics, lost in the swirls and lines. Her blush deepened and her lungs started to burn. Wait her lungs? Then it hit her. /Breathe!/ She thought, taking a deep breath. She tore her eyes away to continue. Taking a step back she got down onto one knee. "I know this is something the guy normally does," She rambled. "But I feel like if I don't say something soon I'm going to explode!" There was a gush of wind as she said this almost as if nature was seconding her statement. The wind picked up her long black hair dramatically blowing it in her face.She reached up and irritably removed it from her face to continue. "Will you-" She cut her self off, how could she say this to him? The love of her life. What if he said no? Her mind began to run all over the place frantically worrying over the whole situation. No, she was going to do this. She looked up into his eyes and his confused expression and blurted out, "Will you marry me?"

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Abnormally Strange Bacon

The sound of sizzling filled the small kitchen as the this bacon hit the scalding cast iron skillet. Almost instantly the warm smell filled the air, annihilating everything in a five foot radius. The leaves began to shrink in size, and were immediately flipped. The crispy flesh worked well under a fork and was easily rotated. It soon came out of the pan and onto a plate. Fatty grease rolled off the meat, soaking the napkin so it was transparent. It's brown crust made a beautiful frame around the buttered toast.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Abnormal Subconcious

"You finally found me." The girl stood up from the limp figure lying on the concrete floor. Blood covered her arms and stained the front of her white shirt. One hand clutched her pant leg, while the other held a silver knife. She looked at the winged man in front of her, with a crazed look plastered on her face. She shot her head back knocking black hair from her blood stained face as she gave a small giggle and took a step toward her master. "Didn't think I'd turn out like this, did ya?" she chimed sweetly. "Say it. Say your disappointed." The man didn't say anything. She gave another sweet laugh. "Your star pupil." she mocked. Bringing the soaked knife to her mouth, she licked it carefully. "It's so warm!" The demon squealed, cocking her head to one side. She took another step towards the silent man. "Did I say something wrong sensei?" she asked in an innocent voice. When she got no answer, the demon smirked at him. She brought her empty hand to her face and grazed her finger tips with her tung. "You pitiful man." her voice growing dark. "You can't even clean up your mess." Her voice filled with disgust and the girl gestured to herself. She shook her head shutting her crimson eyes. "See you later." obvious she had lost interest. Turning, she gave a small wave and stepped over the dead body. Her leather boots made little to no sound as she disappeared into the night.